Bits and pieces

Coming (reluctantly) to the end of welcome and recuperative break in the Trossachs, and catching up on a few nuggets of news that have come my way over the last week or so.

The Ephemera (plus a mini interview) was featured last week at Indie Books Blog, a terrific resource for discovering new, indpendently published ebooks. They cover the whole gamut of book styles so, if you’re an ebook consumer, add this site to your feed reader and keep an eye out for something that takes your fancy.

Talking of interviews, I’ve just completed one that will published in the coming weeks on crime-writer (and talented photographer) Iain Rowan‘s blog. I’ll mention it again when it goes live, but this is as good an opportunity as any to introduce you to Iain’s work. He’s a terrific and prolific writer of crime fiction, and I whole heartedly recommend his collection of gripping and meticulous crime stories, Nowhere To Go. Iain has also released some of his earlier, creepier stories as standalone releases for kindle. Check them out.

And talking of new releases…I’m very excited to hear that Hal Duncan has a couple of new projects appearing soon: Papaveria Press will be releasing a collection of Hal’s poetry and Lethe Press have announced that they will be publishing a collection of his short fiction. The second of these is surely LONG overdue. Also, Polish readers may be excited to know that Hal is going to be returning to Wroclaw next week.

And lastly, because I’m on holiday and of a frivolous frame of mind: Birds With Arms.

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