May’s reading

Chunky style reading this month. No shorts, but the new Interzone only just arrived so hopefully something from that will make June’s list.

Odalisque by Fiona McIntosh – been quite a while since I read a genuine THE* Fantasy novel, and it’s always good to keep up with what’s happening. This one was actually published in 2004, so it’s not particularly au courant, but I played safe by making sure that if I got hooked there was a complete trilogy waiting for me. I’d actually forgotten what reading the opening volume of a series was like. In this instance, mainly, it was slow, and the plot was a little simplistic, leading up to a climax just when the story was getting going. On the other hand the characters were well drawn and I’d continue the series for their benefit if nothing else, but I’m no real hurry.

Godel And The Pot Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar – a proper contrast to the leisurely vanilla of Odalisque, this new novella from PS Publishing is packed full of colour, action, movement, inventive races, inventive interacial sex, guns, magic, gods, jungle and sexy frogs. Yes, frogs. It’s utterly bonkers, but a great romp at, to my mind, the proper pace and length.



*THE Fantasy = Traditional, Heroic, Epic Fantasy; or what any ‘proper’ fantasy fan means by the word ‘fantasy’. To some people, anything that does not contain the requisite aspects of heroes, gods, magic, medieval level technology, etc. isn’t ‘fantasy’. Go figure.

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