Stag and Dagger 2011

So, Saturday. Stag and Dagger. A shitty day weatherwise, and it was good to see a decent turn out at all the venues I was at. Not that the weather should’ve affected anyone’s enjoyment of the music, but it might have put a dampener on the general mood. Not mine though. I manage to squeeze in sets – or bits of sets – by thirteen of the acts on offer in a round trip that started and ended at The Captain’s Rest (conveniently located across the road from ma hoose), kicking off with Adam Thompson (of We Were Promised Jetpacks) and ending with the not-quite-as-Velvetsish-as-I-expected Jack Townes. My splashy, determined travels took me to Stereo, the Vic, the ABC and Sleazies, and as with last year I enjoyed most of what I saw.

Highlights included: excellent Canadians, Zeus, (who had the look of a band who’d been up since the crack to drive through awful weather to get to a festival only to find that their gig was in a pub basement in the middle of the afternoon, but they still played a wonderful set to an engaged and appreciative crowd); noisy, beaty, chanty monsters, Colourmusic; vocal-looping duo, Conquering Animal Sound who offered a chillax moment at exactly the right point; local indie darlings, Admiral Fallow, who brought their beautiful arrangements to the big stage with a great deal of confidence; and, finally, the doomy, shimmering sound of LA’s Warpaint.

Disappointed to miss out on Rural Alberta Advantage and Our Mountain, among many other acts, but you can’t see them all.

All in all, a grand day out, yet again. If they can arrange better weather for next year, that would be ace.

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