No More Heroes anthology

It’s said the golden age for music is whatever age you are when you first connect with it on a visceral, personal level. When the sounds and styles and images and personalities of the bands fuse with your crystalizing sense of self. You always remember the songs you fell in love with when you were […]

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July’s reading

It seems I liked a lot of what I read this month, so without further ado: popCULT! by David Barnett (Pendragon Press) – It’s very rare that I’m completely sold on a book by a glance at the blurb, but the second my eyes slid over the words “lost Carry-On movie”, I was reaching for […]

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May’s reading

Chunky style reading this month. No shorts, but the new Interzone only just arrived so hopefully something from that will make June’s list. Odalisque by Fiona McIntosh – been quite a while since I read a genuine THE* Fantasy novel, and it’s always good to keep up with what’s happening. This one was actually published […]

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