Parsec Magazine christmas issue

Issue 2 of PS Publishing’s new ParSec Magazine hits the digital shelves today. It’s a Christmas special and features new work by Mike Carey, Angela Slatter, Aliya Whiteley, Ramsey Campbell, Karen Brenchley, Gareth D Jones, Sean McMullen and George Tom. And, also, me!

My contribution, Neighbourhood Watch, is set in the same world as my novella from a few years back, The Memoirist. The one with the flying robot Bees, remember?

This one takes a look at how the combination of super-surveillance and personal data harvesting might be leveraged in the morally grey economy. But it kicks off with a completely egregious and hugely uncomfortable cake-eating scene which I had masses of fun writing. And what could be more Christmassy than politeness, gluttony and indigestion?

Even if cake isn’t your thing, ParSec Magazine is definitely worth your time.

Go check it out!

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