Bitter birds and Glitter flies

Tomorrow’s a bit of a red letter day. After a considerable length of time (in which between us we managed to produce two weddings, a baby, half a house, a cabaret act and three books), wur band, Murnie, has decided to release some new music. Yay, for us.

Now, yes, there was supposed to be an album. It’s still coming, although it might be in a slightly different format than originally planned (yes, Al, it’ll *probably* have In The Country Of The Housewives on it. Probably.). But for now we’re proud to reveal the Glitter Flies ep.

There’re four tracks in the package, and it’s available exclusively to download from Bandcamp (tho if you *really* need a CD talk to us and we’ll do you one). The lyrics were mostly written (we pretty much always write the lyrics before the music) during the same period. If you’re interested, here’s some notes on how the songs came about (some of these may actually be a surprise to my bandmates too).

Bitter Birds – the title came from a story I wrote for my trip to Milford *YEARS* ago. I was never happy with the story, but I liked the birds, and they eventually gave rise to this song about general commonn or garden misanthropy. As a bonus, the glitter flies that became the ep’s title were also nicked from a different unfinished story. I’m all about recycling.

Hooks – this is the odd song out of the three because it was kicking around in our live set for a while before the others were written. It’s just a rumination about unhealthy attraction. And fishing.

Down – so we have this ongoing challenge (and the offer’s always open folks) where we claim to be able to write a song about any subject suggested by anyone at any time. This one is actually a combination of two such suggestions: 1/ “naked underwater golf”, as suggested by the crew of Pulse FM when we did a session for them, and 2/ “fish parts” as suggested by our friend Laura. It seemed only natural to combine those into a gentle song about mermaids, didn’t it?

Best Man’s Fall – so we used to play this game when we were kids where each person standing atop a low garden wall got to nominate some  weapon by which to be killed (you know the sort of thing: knife, pistol, uzi submachine gun, hand grenade, A-bomb), and then enact – in true Commando comic style – said demise.  Which is almost exactly like competing for a lady’s affection, isn’t it?

Anyway. It only costs a quid for the lot. Go over and check it out why don’t you? And if you like it, go over to our facebook page and tell us about it.

We’re proud of this release. Hopefully the next one will be a bit quicker in coming around.

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