There will be burlesque

This weekend I’ll be making my usual trek down to FantasyCon. It’s in Brighton this year which is good and bad. On one hand I’m going to miss Nottingham. For all their faults I’d got kinda used to the hotel and the town centre, but most importantly I’m going to miss my annual pilgrimage to one of my favourite Thai restaurants ever. Ah, well. On the other hand, I’ve never been to Brighton, and I have three whole days to enjoy it,  so any suggestions of things to see when I’m there would be awesome.

Also. It occurred to me that I’ve been going to FantasyCon for years now and never taken part in the programme, so I thought I’d sign up to do a reading. I’ve been given a great late night slot, but it’s at a popular time of night so assembling an audience may be a challenge. Aside from the main attraction of the bar, it seems I’m competing with a panel on How To Scare Your Readers (which I’d rather have liked to have gone to) and a comedy-drama/burlesque show (ditto). Tough sell, eh? never fear, undaunted I’ve come up with a plan. Folks won’t have  skimp on the burlesque if they come to my reading because one of two things will happen. Either I will finish a short story about burlesque and include it in the reading, or I’ll just have to perform my own burlesque act complete with indecent underwear, glittery pasties, provocative music and glamorous makeup (and if the thought of that isn’t enough to Scare My Readers, I don’t know what is).

Either way, I promise: There Will Be Burlesque.

If morbid curiosity has its claws in you as to what’ll happen, it’s room 134 at 11pm, Saturday.


And on the subject of burlesque (and all things variety), the Glasgow Cabaret Festival is in sight. Longer post on this soon, but clear your diary for the second week in October!


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