October, October

Well that month went fast. Reading-wise, although I returned from Fantasycon with a stack of great books that I cant’ wait to get into and although I now have an issue each of Interzone and Black Static waiting to be devoured, I have almost nothing to report. Well, I have read and critiqued two unpublished novels, and they were both good, but I can hardly go blabbing about them in public, can I?

The one piece of leisure reading I did achieve was the eyecatching The Joy Of Technology (Pendragon Press) by Roy Gray.  Part of a series of standalone novellas from Pendragon, this was quite an interesting science fiction story that combined the sorts of shenanigans that sometimes happen when blokes go to away matches in the Champions League, with an awkward teen and hi-tech sexual devices. It’s pretty strong stuff (am now even more sorry I missed Roy’s reading from this on the Sunday morning at Fcon) and if, during the reading it appears to be bordering on misogyny, that’s kind of the point. There’s a rather chilling twist at the end, although I just felt it needed developed a little more for the story to make the impact that that I think the author intended.

That’s all I have to report on the reading front in October. Hope to have more in November, although I  have one more novel critique to perform before I get back to those commercial novels again.

10 thoughts on “October, October

  1. The reading started where bus left the tram station and finished at the point where the dancers appeared on stage. Thanks Neil.
    There were chocolates to keep the audience awake.

    1. Ooh, you tease, Roy. That’s just when it starts to get interesting! And the chocolate’s a good idea too. I imagine an audience would need a distraction from sex after that. 😀

  2. Just finished reading it the other day, now for the review for “Interzone” – cracks fingers. I bought a couple of other Pendragon titles as well, all nicely put together. It must be the era of£3.00 publications, me with “Unspoken Water”, Nick Royle with Nightjar Press, and the Spectral Press booklets.

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