Straw Poll on the subject of: Browsers

Hi folks – just a quick one on the subject of browsers. I’d really appreciate it if folks could comment in this thread with a note to say which internet browser they’re using. For a while for me it’s been a toss up between Chrome and Firefox, but are people migrating back towards internet explorer. Are any Windows using Opera?

Enquiring minds and all that.


12 thoughts on “Straw Poll on the subject of: Browsers

  1. now: Firefox at work (although I also have Chrome, Safari, IE and others for checking).
    later: Chrome at home.

    I’m torn between Chrome and Firefox, and it’s largely inertia that means I use one at home and one at work – neither is so much better that I want to change.

  2. Mac user so it’s Safari out of habit more than anything else. I use FF for blogging, however, so that those times when a crappy web page or stale connection seizes the browser means you don’t lose a half-written post as well.

  3. Been a devotee of Firefox for a long time now. I tried Chrome for a short while, but had problems with it crashing at regular intervals for no apparent reason. I prefer the look and feel of Firefox, although it does have the odd character encoding issue on certain sites.

  4. Thanks guys. One of the reason’s I’m interested is I’m finding Firefox to be quite a hog at the moment. But I don’t want to limit this necessarily to Chrome vs FF. All data nuggets gratefully received.

  5. I use Chrome at home. Pretty happy with it. I’m forced to use an old version of IE at work which is awful. I’ve only ever tried Opera on the mobile which was okay but I eventually reverted to the standard browser.

    Cheers, Si

    1. Well, I wanted a little more chat about it rather than just the hard numbers. And because I haven’t worked out how to install analytics on my site yet…

  6. Chrome when developing these days because FF’s memory will tend to blow up, but I go to FF when I need to seen JSON objects returned in some instances. And I’ll switch back in another month because of something wrong with Chrome, I’m sure.

    I keep Chrome and Safari open all the time because Google broke letting me have my work Google account and my home Google account active on the same browser.

    Your blog I pretty much just read in Gruml or Feeddler (depending on whether I’m on the laptop or the phone.

  7. I’ve used Opera, on Windows, since the 90s. It’s quick, clean and for some reason I can’t login to Amazon at home, but can at work. Had tabs before anyone else had thought of it, now has a handy ‘quick menu’ in the middle of any new tabs you open.

  8. Aside from the Macsters and their special things, and web designers who use everything, it looks like it’s coming down to a general choice of Chrome and/or FF then. Which is pretty much where I am myself.

    I wonder why Opera has never really caught on though. I’ve found it pretty good when I’ve used it in the past, but never stuck with it for some reason.

    Thanks for your input folks.

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