Celebrating The Return Of Unusual Genitals – Welcoming Brain In A Jar

Really pleased to hear about the launch of Brain In A Jar ebooks, a new venture by SF novelist Gary Gibson. The ethos behind the company is much the same as that for Infinity Plus books, to bring out of print writing back into public view. Gary’s dusted off his skills as a graphic designer and created a really iconic look for the imprint, which should help get it off to a great start.

The authors involved initially all have a long standing connection with GSFWC, so purchasing these books for me is going to be like meeting old friends again. I already own lead title, Michael Cobley’s “Iron Mosaic”, and can attest that it’s packed with great stories. Following along soon will be Duncan Lunan’s “With Time Comes Concorde And Other Stories” and Fergus Bannon’s infamous “The Unusual Genitals Party And Other Stories”. Both of the title stories of these books I first read when I first joined GSFWC, so it’ll be fun renewing those acquaintances (and yes Ferg’s unusual genitals are as odd-ball as they sound).

The volume I’m looking forward to most is “The Cyber Puppets” by Angus McAllister. This is a novel that I preordered many years ago from the publisher, Big Engine, only for the company to fold on the eve of the book’s publication. So you can’t imagine how much I’m looking forward to finally reading this.

Huge personal thanks to Gary, and his brains in jars for making it possible.


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