Smiles and Sunday Mouths

I’m wrote this, appropriately enough, on a Sunday morning in March. A stunning day and, once I was done, I went out for leisurely donner down Great Western Road. Which is exactly what Sundays are for. The reason for the post is to properly announce and celebrate the newest Murnie release: the sundaymouth ep.

As we did with Glitter Flies last year, here are some notes about the songs.  There’s four of them and this is the first of the set of twelve we had originally planned for an album (but as keen observers will realise, it takes us a long time to do anything and if we’d kept with the album plan you’d STILL be waiting). All of them have been favourites of ours from our live sets too, so it’s great to package them together like this.

Shaking A Fist At God – The original spark for this one came from watching a documentary about a Tourettes sufferer. I was sympathising with how frustrating his life was, but I expanded it to be more generally about not being able to speak your mind. And how sometimes you just need to find somewhere remote and let it all out.

Whitehouse – This song is about the constant semi-consensual tug of war between people who intentionally put themselves in the public eye and the inevitable prurient tabloid speculation that follows. It’s about no smoke without fire. It’s about well, obviously, she is and it MUST be true. And, and in the face of that, it’s about the ever desperate attempts to protect the whiter than white image that made your name. It has – HONESTLY – nothing whatsoever to do with US politics.

Soft Brown Voice – I wrote this song during the week following John Peel’s death in 2004. I was never a fan of a lot the music he played, but that was the point about Peel. He championed all music. And I loved the sound of his voice.

Smile – This song is about a particular sour-faced cafe waitress. If I was in a different kind of band I might have speculated on her inner angst, her disappointment with her lot, her simmering anger at having to deal with plamphs like me all day. Instead I just wanted to chub her cheeks, tickle her toes, give her a hug. Anything to make her smile. This song is the hug she never got.

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