In praise of Tessa Kum, Freelance Editor

I’m in the middle of doing some editing work on a novel project which involves sorting out some plot issues and reducing down the overall wordage and I decided to get some outside feedback.  Normally I’d be more than happy to put projects like this before the membership of GSFWC, but on this occasion I need it turned round sharpish, so I engaged the services of freelance editor Tessa Kum who has recently come to live in Glasgow. And this is basically to say publicly what an amazing job she did. She turned the job around within a week, provided detailed notes that addressed all of my concerns and offered suggestions for fixing them. Additionally, she made herself available for a two hour consultation to discuss the book at greater length.

All in all, a top job. If you’re in the market for editorial services, I can whole heartedly recommend Tessa’s work. Contact her on Twitter at @sirtessa.


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