Utter sweetness

The Honey Month special edition

In my last reading report I was talking about how much I  loved Amal El-Mohtar’s “The Honey Month” (it really was the most imaginatively conceived and beautifully written book I’d read in ages). The version I read was the e-book edition (from Cheeky Frawg), but I loved it enough that when I discovered it was also available in hard copy, I wanted that too. But THEN when I discovered that publisher Papaveria Press were bringing out a very specially special hand-made limited edition of the book (each with a vial of one of the honeys featured in the book!), I knew I had to have that instead.

And it arrived last night. And with every thing from its braided clasp to its interior illustrations to its typesetting to that tempting little vial of deeply golden Zambian honey the thing is almost too beautiful to read. It really is such a gorgeous artefact, and a fitting setting to a gorgeous book.

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