Small Cabaret

I’ve been remiss here in not blaring out in dazzling fanfare that the 2012 Glasgow Cabaret Festival is upon us. I’ve been busy, but no excuses, and I apologise.

Hopefully those who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will have heard about the Glasgow showing of Israphel’s Book, the de Saw-Finkle show we performed to partially-enchanted, partially-bemused audiences at the Fringe. And, likewise, fans of the Creative Martyrs and The Redettes (whose full-band show we caught and loved on Friday) will have been aware of their performances. But sincere apologies if you only read this blog (and if you only read this blog you have bigger problems, mate) and missed something you’d have liked to have seen.

But never fear. There is still a whole week of Cabaret still to be enjoyed. This year, the festival is being presented in the crook of the glamorous arm of Glasgay, our annual festival of gay arts, and there’s tons to see. Here are my personal picks for the next few weeks should you fancy a night out:

Rufus & Ben’s Cabaret Quiz (the Little and Large, the Cannon and Ball, the Dangermouse and Penfold of Scottish Cabaret, present a quiz that doesn’t really require *that* much cabaret knowledge but is a start-to-finish laugh).

Luke & Jack’s Basement Burlesque (featuring the stunning and slightly naughty Cherry Loco).

Harold And Maude (a rare chance to see one of our household’s top three favourite movies of all time performed on stage – we’d be there like a shot if we weren’t going to be in Toronto that week *sadface*).

Go out and for the love of all that is holy, grab yourself some cabaret!


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