Small Cabaret

I’ve been remiss here in not blaring out in dazzling fanfare that the 2012 Glasgow Cabaret Festival is upon us. I’ve been busy, but no excuses, and I apologise. Hopefully those who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will have heard about the Glasgow showing of Israphel’s Book, the de Saw-Finkle show we performed to […]

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Cabaret, Cabaret

I might have once or twice mentioned the forthcoming Glasgow Cabaret Festival. It didn’t make its crowd source funding target, but the organizers have managed to find a way to put it on regardless. The complete Festival Programme is now up on the website, and you can keep up to date with what’s on on a […]

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Making it happen

For my money, crowd funding is one of the things that makes the internet great. In the arts it is increasingly difficult to secure traditional sources of funding for projects – arts council grants are ever more squeezed and sponsors want to be assured of a return on any investment – but to get an […]

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Catch up

A general newsy catchy-upy sorta thing (sorry, Jim): Had a braw time at the Glasgow Cabaret Festival in June. Fabulous acts, great company, wonderful nights out. Had a just-as-braw-but-in-a-different-way time holidaying in North Ireland a couple of weeks ago. First few days were spent in a charming converted station halt up on the North Coast. […]

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