Pyser returns (hopefully)

Seem to be in the mood for reminiscence today. So, here’s one for you. Exactly sixteen years and one week ago I went to a gig that I can honestly say changed my life. Ben Folds Five at King Tut’s. It changed my life because it made me want to join a band, write songs, play live music again, and I wanted to do it they way they did it. Rock and roll, with pianos and fuzz and harmonies and instrument abuse a plenty. And sixteen years later, I still have that fire.

We were couried in near the stage (Tut’s ain’t big enough to be far from the stage), close enough for concern as the piano stool was smashed repeatedly off the keyboard. We sang along with all the songs from the first album, with the instantly hummable Dr Pyser, and even more so with the incredible covers of Video Killed The Radio Star and Crosstown Traffic.

I’ve done my absolute level best to ignore the portions of the internet that might might give clues to set lists, because I want it all to come as a surprise. Expecting to hear a lot of the new album (which is excellent), but I really, really hope to hear some of the old ploughman’s salad favourites too. I’ve not been this excited about a gig for years. Here they are, doing what they do.

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