Challenge #2

Hot on the heels of the great Sales v Williamson 2013 Short Story Challenge, I’ve been challenged again, this time by Gio Clairval. Rather than complicate things, I’m keeping the two challenges separate.

So, summary of the rules:

1/Timeframe Jan1 – Dec 31 2013

2/ New story submitted for the first time = 1pt.

3/ Story sold for the first time = 1pt.

4/ Loser buys the winner dinner.

Look for the running total here.

80 thoughts on “Challenge #2

  1. I was wondering about my sale: the story was written last year, but was never submitted (I thought it wasn’t quite ready). It was revised, subbed this month for the first time, and sold. One point or two, then?

  2. Sold another story (for the first time), but not on first submission.

    That’s 1 point, innit? So Gio 3 – Neil 0
    (I’m sure you’ve got plenty of acceptances-in-waiting–and I haven’t got many stories to sell–must go and write a few!)

    1. Well done! Nope, I have no stories out at market at the moment. None. Any points I gain this year are stories that have yet to be written (or at least finished).

  3. New acceptance: New story; first sub (2 pts, innit?). Gio 5 – What about Neil? (Who–I fear– he’s going to squash Gio with a volley of acceptances after letting her believe that he’s lagging behind.)

    1. Well done again!

      I wouldn’t hold your breath for any volleys in this direction. Still working on books – which don’t count in the contest. I’ll be more than happy if I reach my personal target by the end of the year, and if at the same time you and Ian have also sold a ton of stories, all the better!

    1. Gio 6 Neil 0 *sheesh*

      I need to claw back some dignity here. Well, I’m probably going to be squeezing out one of my own (maybe two) in the next week, so at least I’ll have points on the board. But after that there’ll be another long novel-shaped lull. Ah well.

    1. As you kindly remembered me, I should upload my score here. I subbed a story for the first time yesterday, and another today, which makes 2 additional points:

      Gio 8 – Neil 1

      1. Good going! Tho I’m thinking about asking for an inventory of all these stories of yours…! :p

      2. Wow, I sold one of the stories I just sent out! Found the contract in my email this morning. (Yayyayyayyay!)

        Therefore, it is:

        Gio 9 – Neil 1

      3. So, out of interest (because I am interested) is that six new stories and three sales, or five and four?

        (Either way it’s a great hit rate!)

      4. *sips her coffee* D’you mean: how many of these are new stories *written this year*?

        And no!— No. Mercy. On. The. Glaswegian.


      5. No, no. Just trying to tot up the ratio of submissions to sales. That’s all.

      6. I was joking !!! And I *got* your comment on the “killing you” thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

        And Neil, I’m really really grateful for this challenge that is keeping me on my toes. I need deadlines and challenges to work (this is the old consultant in me).

  4. Since January 1st:

    7 submission (4 new stories; 3 old stories subbed for the first time)

    4 acceptances (2 new stories; 2 old)
    1 rejection (1 new story)
    2 pending (1 new; 1 old–shortlisted)

    Did I forget to record 1 submission (still pending)?

    1. Okay, then the arithmetic is a bit wonky.

      7 stories submitted for the first time = 7 points.
      4 acceptances (assuming none of those four has been accepted/published before) = 4 points.

      So you should have 11 points, no?

  5. I didn’t count the (first and only, so far) reprint acceptance.

    Yeah, apparently the total is 11.

    Darpit! I created that confounded spreadsheet, and that’s what I can see there: I get a total of 7 subs however I add up the numbers on the lines and columns, as the good old accountants do…

    Sorry for the confusabilties. I’ll keep the spreadsheet up to date. And now I’m really late!

    *runs out*

    1. Oh now you’re confusing *me*. If it’s a reprint it doesn’t count. It can’t be the first time you’ve sent the story out and it’s certainly not the first time it’s been accepted.


      You get 1 point when a story is submitted for the first time.
      You get 1 point when a story is accepted for the first time.

      *sheesh* Sales doesn’t give me this much trouble!

      1. I meant: I didn’t count the 1 reprint in the seven actual submissions and acceptances at all, as reprints are not to be counted.

        The 7 subs are 7 subs sent out this year, either of brand-new stories, or of old stories never subbed before.

      1. Ha, well done.

        Also, be aware that I’ve just taken on something that will limit my production even further for the next three months, so it’s looking very good for you!

      2. But wasn’t all this contest business and excuse for goading you into writing and subbing more shorts? (It worked for me anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. Yep, it was. But sometimes other things take priority. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Well done! What’s your split now in terms of submissions and acceptances?

      2. That’s really good going, Gio. This has worked out pretty well for you, hasn’t it?

      3. Story breakdown: 6 brand-new stories and 5 older creatures, either finished in 2013 or finished before 2013 but subbed in 2013 for the first time. (The two old-never-subbed-before stories were accepted on first submission–don’t ask me why I never tried to sell them.)

        I have four stories in progress, three of which are novelettes.

        I’d love to be able to write more than a short story a month. When I’m writing a novel, I usually churn out a (draftish) chapter a day.

  6. It was 17-4 (I posted the latest announcement in reply to an older one…)

    And one more acceptance (of a new story) in the inbox! Woot!

    So it’s 18-4.

      1. I should! Still.. Last year, I sent out a ridiculously small number of short-fiction subs, and now, thanks to this challenge…

  7. Good for you! I’m so far behind it’s not funny…haven’t even written a word in three months now. But really glad to see this challenge has been beneficial for you.

    1. It’s beneficial indeed as this tinkerer likes revising, on and on, but this challenge pushed me to sub stories instead of rewriting: I even sent out a couple of stories I’d written two years ago and never subbed…

  8. Not that it really matters at this stage, but one more by me. 20-6. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I imagine you’ve got several more to update the count with though, eh?

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