The Sales v Williamson 2013 Short Story Challenge

So, in the comments of a recent post writer and friend, Ian Sales, challenged me to “friendly” race of sorts. The reasoning is to get both of us writing more short fiction this year.

The rules:

1/ Contest runs between January 1 and December 31 2013.

2/ Each writer gets one point for a story completed and submitted for publication for the first time.

3/ Each writer gets one further point when a story is accepted for publication for the first time.

4/ Loser buys the winner dinner at 2014 Eastercon here in Glasgow (which at least gives us both a better than decent chance of a proper feed at the end of it all).


That’s all there is to it. We’re going to update the comments of this thread with a running total (although I note, wistfully, that it may take me a little while to get into it what with all the long fiction stuff I need to complete).


24 thoughts on “The Sales v Williamson 2013 Short Story Challenge

  1. And he’s off… One point to me: just finished and submitted ‘The Incurable Irony of the Man Who Rode the Rocket Sled’ to an Eibonvale anthology. Fingers crossed.

  2. I’ll write them for you; he’ll never be able to tell the difference. Of course, I’ll want your pudding. And the wine.

    1. Can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’ve sold one and…unless you’re slipping with your own scoring…that puts me into the lead, Ian. 5-4!

      1. Though, to be fair, it doesn’t help when you submit to a magazine with a 1 – 3 month turnaround and after 3 months they tell you they’re still working their way through submissions from 6 months ago…

      2. Yeah, might help to play the game more tactically next time.

        Bad luck though. On reflection I don’t think the challenge did much to influence either of our short story production rates, did it?

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