New ideas

So, I’ve been up since 5am this morning (one of us had a redeye to catch), and since I finished the rework job last night I’ve been planning what to do next. The next important thing is to go back to Queen Of Clouds and assess exactly what needs done to finish that too, but with my short story ambitions for 2013 fresh in my mind–and having been challenged, twice–I’ve given myself permission to work on something new this week.

Leafing through my Dropbox folders I notice that there are a substantial number of partially written (or even almost complete) stories kicking around. There are ones where I just got no farther than jotting down a title and an idea. There are ones where I wrote a few pages and then wondered what happened next. There are ones that I got close to finishing but, for whatever reason, just didn’t feel right enough to call done. And there are a few that were completed but either never sold or were never sent out at the time, deemed unsatisfactory but unable to work out what vital element was missing.

All of these are ripe for diving back into, but for this week I want to write something new. Because in between midnight and 5am, I managed to come up with a plot and an approach for something very strange, and I want to get it down before I lose the voice (the voice is very important in this one).

So, for the next week I’ll mainly be writing about 1970s tear-jerkers, elephants…and water.

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