Caledonia Dreamin’

Word from Hal Duncan that he and Chris Kelso are editing an anthology of strange fiction inspired by Scots words. I love the idea. Because to me Scots is more than a provincial dialect or a style of 18th century poetry that’s trotted out with the tartan and the haggis on Burns’ night. Scots is the salt that gives my language both grit and flavour, and allows me to accurately describe my culture.

I couldn’t describe Glasgow in the autumn without the word dreich. Or a traditional Presbyterian church (and its minister) without dour. Or a proper pie without describing the ashet it’s baked in.

Because that’s what I think the editors are looking for here, an unlocking of Scottish culture using the key of its language.

The anthology is to be published by the most excellent Eibonvale Press, and is open to pretty much anyone who has some first hand experience of Scottishness (for a better, and much more entertaining description, download the full guidelines from the Eibonvale page).

And it goes without saying, I’ll be trying my luck with this one. I’ve got challenges to meet after all.

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