New eggs

With the Murnie ep projects progressing nicely, I’ve quietly been getting back into songwriting. When we started Murnie up we had a rule that it was going to be fun, which meant no down songs, no songs in minor keys, so songs about breakups or any of that nonsense. We’ve pretty much stuck to that, more or less, but it’s meant taking a deliberate approach to musical ideas. One that has suited our sound and ethos, but has also perhaps proved limiting.

So, this time round, to free things up to instinct a bit more, I decided to take the blocks off. No strictures, no restraints; whatever came to mind went down in the book. The boys haven’t heard the songs yet, so there’s no guarantee they’ll become Murnie songs at all, but I feel pretty good about them I think. I’m hoping to get the time to send round piano demos soon.

I think song titles are important. They’re one of the reasons I love the album. The first time you run your eye over the track listing, before you even listen to them, it’s like opening a box of jewelled eggs. All about the guessing what’s inside.

So, for those that also enjoy such things, here’s the latest clutch.

  • Sunfall
  • Song For John (A True Story)
  • The Stains
  • Jerry Mouse
  • Like A Bear, Like A Ghost

Hopefully you’ll get to hear some of them some time.

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