Making the words into a thing

This novel business is a piece of cake, eh? At Eastercon I had a number of conversations with Ian Whates about how Newcon Press are  going to present The Moon King. There’s lots to talk about, and I’m lucky to have a super-enthusiastic publisher who takes the time to consult and explain all this stuff to me. It also helped to sit with Ian at the Newcon table in the dealer’s room so we could discuss ideas for the paper, boards, cover, etc with the examples of his other books at hand.

And a lot of the work is done already, a year before publication. The bulk of the editing is done. And the cover is nearly finalised too. We’ll start promoting the book later in the year (probably around the time of WFC in Brighton), and will reveal the cover officially probably closer to that time, but since there was a sneak preview in today’s Newcon press mail out, I think it’s okay to include a teaser here.

MK moon detail

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