2013 T Challenge

So, I’m going to be festivalling again this year with the return of Finkle and de Saw to the Cabaret Tent at T In The Park. Yay!

I say “yay”, but I have mixed feelings.  I love playing to new audiences and I love the idea of more music than you can possibly consume being offered to you, but the weather at T the last two years was (2011) mostly cold and unpleasant/(2012) f**king horrendous. There’s also the not inconsiderable issue of the fact that they don’t half book some bloody awful bands. However, be that as it may, I’m going to be up there for the Saturday and – aside from the hour or so I’ll actually be working and hanging around with the cabaret crew (invariably the best music on site all weekend…with added pizzazz!) – I reckon I’ll be looking for music to be properly entertained by.

So here’s the challenge. Take a look at the Saturday line-up and tell me what I should go see. You tell me and I’ll go, and afterwards I’ll report back. Anything that doesn’t clash with my own gig or with the couple of things I’ve already got my eye on (Fake Major, Willy Mason). I only know one song by Rihanna – am I missing out? Someone once told me I’d really like Noah & The Whale – true? false? And who the heck are Saint Max And The Fanatics? Worth checking out? Seriously.  Anything** t sat






**But not The View. Not again. Not ever. If anyone suggests The View, they really will be on fire.

Fair warning.



10 thoughts on “2013 T Challenge

    1. I’ve seen BSP – wasn’t that impressed. Might give them another shot if at a loose end. But would probably opt for Kesha instead actually.

  1. Kodaline! But get some main stream in there too – go see Snoop (not often you’ll get that chance) and Dizzee for a bounce!

    1. All right then. Kodaline sound quite interesting. I’ll check out one…ONE…rappy stylee act. But you can’t make me like them.

  2. My son Gordon saw The View in Dundee when they were starting out as a support band. He hated them – and not just for their music.

    1. Jack – their music is among their lesser sins. Their onstage attitude and their fans are much more objectionable.

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