Back in the park

So yesterday was my day back up at Balado for T in the Park. Workwise, de Saw and Finkle seemed to go down okay with the punters wandering through the cabaret tent, and out in the arena I managed to catch some decent bands too. Of the acts kindly suggested by you guys a week or two back, I tragically arrived too late for The Original Rudeboys, but I could hear them while I was parking up and getting my accreditation sorted out (they still sound like a school band).  Dropped in on Kodaline, sounded okay, but didn’t really grab me. ANd Ke$ha…just no. ‘sake, George what were you thinking? The Lumineers sounded worth a listen though and I stuck around for a few songs, might check them out in more detail.

But generally, I was grateful I didn’t have to rely on the recommendations. I already knew I wanted to see Fake Major, having picked up their excellent Have Plenty Of Fun ep at and caught an acoustic performance at Record Store Day, and the full band line up didn’t disappoint. These guys are great songwriters.

IMAG0167 (2)Missed on Frightened Rabbit again (this time because of much-needed steak pie), but manage to catch a band I’d discovered on Spotify a couple of days ago: Animal Noise. These boys from Colchester are a power trio with a nice twist in using classical guitar instead of electric. And it works brilliantly. They’re technical, textured, driven and their songs still manage to be insanely catchy. Imagine a cross between the Chilli Peppers and Grizzly Bear, with Steve Howe on guitar. Great musicians and grand bunch of lads. Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for them touring any time soon.

So, nice to come away from T with a new find. Animal Noise and East End Cabaret’s midnight show turned it into a pretty great day.

2 thoughts on “Back in the park

  1. Ah, k$sha. Anyone who replaces a letter in their name with a dollar sign is guaranteed to be a flagrant genius, though.
    Love, g£org£

    1. Flagrant something all right. I wouldn’t have minded that she dressed like a p*rn* remake of an
      80s straight to video sci-fi movie if the music had been in any way good, but, alas…

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