Annihilation Time

Pretty excited that the first book in Jeff Vandermeer’s new series of novels is published in February (4th in the US, 27th here). All three of the Southern Reach trilogy, as it’s known, will be published during  2014, which makes it perfect for readers for whom there’s nothing worse than getting sucked into a great story only to have to wait a year or more for the next instalment. And trust me, you will get sucked in to these books.

With Authority and Acceptance to come later in the year, the first volume, Annihilation, sets the scene by charting the unfolding story of an expedition into an unknowable region. What happens to the members of the group is as chilling as it is utterly fantastical, and the reading experience is a masterclass in tension and revelation.

Vandermeer fans will know what to expect, and still get way more than they bargained for. Those who’ve not tried him before will be blown away.



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