A piece of the moon

Something on the horizon that I’m really chuffed to be involved with is a new short fiction initiative from NewCon Press called Moon Shots. The stories, commissioned from a really interesting bunch of writers, will be published as both an e-book and audiobook via the truly excellent Spacewitch indie genre fiction shop. You can pay for a single story (you get both formats) or buy a subscription of twelve stories. I’ve done the latter, because I truly love discovering new writers.

The first story, Eric Brown’s “Meeting Myself on Planet Earth”, was launched yesterday, and new stories will come out every two weeks.

And, in the interests of self publicity, the reason I’m telling you all this is that the fourth piece in the series is my own “A Piece Of The Moon”, which will come out in April, just before The Moon King is launched. This is the story that will appear in the special hardback edition of the novel, so folks who prefer to buy paperbacks and e-books won’t miss out.

For those that are interested, “A Piece Of The Moon” is set around the time of the events that comprise the opening quarter of the novel (in fact it’s based on a scene that didn’t make the final cut of the book) and it looks a little deeper into the city of Glassholm’s unfathomable luck monkeys.

Get your Moon Shots subscription now and get a new Eric Brown story immediately (and a piece of the moon will be yours in a few weeks’ time).

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