The Moon King Trivia #3 : The cutting room (floor)

#3 : The Cutting Room (Floor)

Q:  You’ve mentioned before here that you edited The Moon King crab solodown from a considerably longer length in the early drafts. What do you regret not making the published novel?

A:  There were two major scenes that I liked a lot but weren’t 100% strictly necessary for the story to work. The first was the boxing match that takes place near the start of the story which was fully dramatised in early versions of the novel but now takes place off stage while the meeting happens next door. I was pleased to be able to repurpose the match in the short story, A Piece Of The Moon, which is in the hardback special edition and will be published as a standalone soon as part of NewCon Press’s Moonshots series.

The other was a scene in which Lottie and Henrik go to a really screwed up cabaret on Darkday night. The Club Comedia scene was full of really wacky stuff, and although it still gets a brief mention the scene itself was a huge digression in terms of pacing, so it had to go. I might still find a use for it in the future, who knows?

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