Giveaway : The Ephemera

All the chat over the last few months here has been about The Moon King.  Complete new baby syndrome, for which I make no apology, but I’m aware that the older siblings have been somewhat neglected. Especially jogging my elbow for attention is my collection, The Ephemera, which seems to have picked up a few sales on the back of the novel, which is lovely.

The print EPH COVERedition of The Ephemera was published in 2006 by Elastic Press and has been officially out of print for several years, but guess what I found in a box a few months back? Yup, it turns out I have a very limited stock after all. I’ll probably hang on to a handful just in case (and to maintain the irony of a book called The Ephemera sticking around so long), but right now I’m in the mood to give some away.

However, you don’t get something for nothing. Over the years, TTA Press, have been exceptionally good to me, not least because they first published many of the stories that make up The Ephemera. And if you’ve been paying attention here you’ll know that they’ve featured new stories of mine in the latest and forthcoming issues of Interzone too. TTA are a superb outfit and the fiction in their publications is second to none, but they recently had a bit of a setback when one of their primary distributors went bust , so it’d be nice to do something for them.

So, heIZ253coverre’s the deal:  the first three people to boost over to TTA’s site and order something. Anything. Just a single issue would do (obviously, Interzone 253 would be a good shout, but Black Static is mind-blowing if you like your fiction weirder and darker, Crimewave comes out few and far between but every issue is *astounding*, and every single one of their novellas series has been utterly brilliant so far (and I’ve got Carole Johnstone’s on my reading pile now)), but if you’re a bit more flush, please consider taking out a subscription to one or more of the magazines – trust me, you won’t regret it.

First three people to comment on this thread that they’ve done so will get a nice wee parcel in the mail containing a copy of The Ephemera plus something possibly even more desirable, a copy of Mutation Press’s Music For Another World, about which Interzone said: “An exceptional anthology. Ten of the nineteen stories are astonishing; eight are simply impressive…”

You know what to do. How can you not?

7 thoughts on “Giveaway : The Ephemera

  1. Didn’t know they were having some bad luck, so I’ve filled in some of the gaps in my Black Static collection.

    I already have The Ephemera to read on my Kindle, so feel free to send the prizes to someone who hasn’t though.

  2. The TTA shop is a bit wonky. You can’t order a single copy of the current issue. It’s either order a back issue or a subscription – my subscription is being renewed at Christmas! 🙂

    1. Brilliant, Alan! Sorry about the quirky ordering thing. Email me your postal address and I’ll get the books sent out.

  3. Does this mean that the two copies that I bought from Transreal which are lovingly vacuum packed and stored in the attic aren’t going to finance my retirement?

  4. Okay, to round this off, I think what I’m going to do is rescind this particular offer and turn it into a site-specific one for people taking out subscriptions to TTA magazines at Worldcon where it’s more straightforward to do things in person.

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