Enhance 224 to 176

Enhance, stop. Move in.

This January seems to be the month of productivity. I’m not sure exactly why. Perhaps because over Christmas I did very little aside from eat nice food, catch up on movies and not think about either work or attempting to be creative. Whatever, it’s allowed me to recharge, refocus and click back into the fiction, the music and the cabaret with somewhat alarming ease.

Track 45 right. Stop. Centre and Stop.

So there’s new work coming at a rate of knots on all those fronts, and some of it is potentially very exciting, including (hopefully): new songs from Murnie, new work from deSaw & Finkle, and a bunch of really varied fiction. I finished a long-shelved ghost story today, have been working on a longer piece that I really love, and there’s also a solicited SF piece due in February. And the novel too, not forgetting that.

It seems all I really needed to do was stop looking so hard for my mojo. Long may it continue!

Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Give me a hard copy right there.

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