A Taste Of Black Honey

This is a straightforward plea, to those of you who have wider music knowledge than me.  I’m looking for info/links/anything on a band called Black Honey. Here, let me explain why:

Round about this time of year I start putting together my playlist for getting to know the bands I’ll be able to see at ex-Stag And Dagger/ now Live In Glasgow. The promoters release little clusters of acts every few weeks, which is perfect for giving them all good ear-time and working out who to go and see.

My usual way of doing this is to check out what the artists have on Spotify, add them to a PL and take a wee sample of each to see roughly what’s what. And as soon as I heard this band, Black Honey, I was like – woah, seriously, a contemporary band has gone to the trouble of recreating the recording techniques of 1970s. That’s brilliant!! And the songs too are brilliant. The sound has a wonderful low key bluesy rocky feel that comes across as a Free non-commercial side-project or something.

It was only when I hit the last, and very very different, track that several pennies dropped:

  1. I’m an idiot.
  2. The Black Honey of the last track (and the ones who are playing LIG) sound pretty good, but they’re not the one I thought they were.
  3. The one I really liked very possibly *were* an original act from the 70s. But can I find *anything* about them on the net aside from being about to download the album from Amazon? Can I feck.

So, this is a plea. Actually, it’s two pleas.

If anyone knows anything about this band, who was in them, what other material they’ve produced, please let me know.

And if anyone who happens to sing like Paul Rodgers and knows someone who can play guitar like that, and *wants* to recreate those amazing sounds of the seventies, there’s a gap in the market.

EDIT: “Think of it as brand new music from 1972“… so, thanks to the diligent detecting of Alex and Cameron, we know a bit more and it turns out that my dream was kinda right. Black Honey, led by songwriter Don McCann, were recording and touring this material in the mid-late 2000s. Which in itself is absolutely awesome, because they absolutely nailed the entire sound and feel. Really impressive.

But also mysterious. Why did BH mysteriousy disappear from the interwebs in 2010, and why is there no information about any of their other material (they seem to have had at least one earlier album? Is the answer related to their obsession with the number 13? And McCann’s subsequent stint in Black Crowes tribute act, CURSED DIAMOND, merely extend the trail of woe? Dude, which ancient Egyptian two headed gypsy woman did you piss off?

Great music though.

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