Dysprosium Approach

Eastercon’s outdone itself this year. Even the title sounds like a big budget sci-fi flick**  And I’ll be down there as usual, and if you’re looking for me on the programme:

Saturday 1pm-2pm  Room 15
I’ll be talking to Nina Allan, Dave Hutchinson and Ian Whates about “That Tricky First, Second, Third, or Fourth Novel”

Sunday 3pm-4pm Johnson room 
In a reading hour shared with Peter Ellis, I’ve been asked to read from The Moon King, but I might find a bit of time for something new too. We’ll see.

Sunday 6.30pm-7.30pm
I’ll be checking out the BSFA awards, just in case, you know.

Always look forward to Eastercon, and as usual outside of the times above you’ll be able to track me down in the bar (or possibly at the Newcon Press dealer table, but probably the bar).

**Although, you know, I always fancied Dysprosium as a kinda uncool but lovable bit part character from Sapphire And Steel… but that’s just me

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