Secret Language

SL cover Very, very pleased to officially announce that my new short story collection, Secret Language, will be published by NewCon Press in June. It’ll contain many of my more recent published stories plus several original pieces written especially for the collection. If The Ephemera can be seen as a round up of my first ten years, we can probably say the Secret Language sums up the preoccupations of my second decade pretty neatly (I just hope it’s not another ten years before I do this again!).

Once again, I’m delighted with everything that Ian Whates and his NewCon team have done for the book, especially Andy Bigwood’s cover treatment. They’re really one of the busiest and very best indie presses out there.

The book is officially on sale in June, and there will be a launch event at Waterstones, Argyle St on June 2nd, to which all are invited. However, if you’re coming to the Satellite 5 convention at the Glasgow Marriott on May 28th/29th, you’ll be able pick it up there ahead of publication.

Full details of the contents of Secret Language, the launch events and links to where you can buy it Coming Soon.

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