Last Call for GSFWC 30

That venerable critique group, the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle turns 30 in 2016. That’s quite an age for any group of that kind, even more so when you consider that there are still original members regularly attending meetings.

I’ve only been going to it since 1993 and since then, it’s not only been a major part of my life, it’s almost wholly responisibility for the fact that I’m still writing twenty-something years later and that I’ve actually improved to the point where I can sell my work, where I have books with my name on them, on the shelves of actual bookshops. Which is the dream of all of us when we start, and what GSFWC has always aimed to help each of us achieve.

We’re planning to celebrate this anniversary by publishing an anthology of stories, poems and flash fiction by both current and former members. Alongside Elaine Gallagher and Cameron Johnston, I’m lucky enough to be editing the book, and over the last few months we’ve been reading like beavers** but there’s still time for more submissions before the April 30 deadline.

So, if you’ve ever been a member of GSFWC, even for just those two sessions in January and September of 1995, and you want to help us celebrate the group, why not sling us a story, fling us some flash or ping us a poem? We’re due to be making our final decisions during May and we’d love to be able to consider work from as many members as possible.

Full details on the GSFWC site.

**Beavers are very studious, and hard-assed editors to boot. Yes, they are.

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