Myriad Lands


Just received contributor copies of a wonderful new two-volume anthology from Guardbridge Books. Myriad Lands‘ remit was to collect stories set in non-traditional settings, and Volume 2 features a story set in the world of The Moon King. It’s based around a deleted scene from the book which features a cabaret club that happens somewhere in Glassholm every Darkday Night. In the novel, Lottie and Henrik originally visited the club, and what happened there formed one of my favourite moments in the book. Alas, it slowed down the story too much, so out it went. When editor, David Stokes, asked me for a story set in Glassholm, I was delighted to be able to oblige. (Most of) the characters don’t feature in the novel, but if you enjoyed the book, I think you’ll appreciate this additional perspective.

As I say, Darkday Night appears in Volume 2 of Myriad Lands, along with stories by Tanith Lee, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Melissa Mead and many others. And as luck would have it, I accidentally got sent an extra pair of books and, very generously, David has  given me permission to give these extra copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2 away…on the condition that there’s an amazon and/or goodreads review at the end of it.

So if anyone wants to take up the challenge of receiving two excellent free books and reviewing them on these platforms, drop me a line here and they’re yours. The rest of you, go ahead and buy them!

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