Introducing…The Memoirist

book_memoiristWhat’s a “memoirist”, I hear you cry? Well, in my new book, it’s a woman called Fizz who assembles memoirs out of online data. It’s set in our near future, when a combination of surveillance culture, the degradation of privacy laws and social media ubiquity have made people obsessed with the face they present to the world. The story begins when the Fizz is asked to research a memoir for an aging former rock musician and personal privacy activist, features robot surveillance bees, and asks the question: how well do we really know anyone?

The Memoirist is book #4 in NewCon Press’s new novella’s series and it completes a set including:

#1  The Iron Tactician by Alastair Reynolds
#2  At The Speed Of Light by Simon Morden
#3  The Enclave by Anne Charnock

Alastair’s and Simon’s are already out, and they are superb (The Iron Tactician was included in 2016 Year’s Best SF, even though it was only published at the very end of the year). And I’m looking forward to reading Anne’s when it hits the streets later this month.

The Memoirist will be available to buy on March 20th. If it sounds like your cup of tea, the kindle edition is available for pre-order on Amazon now. It also comes in paperback and a lovely signed, numbered hardback edition, and these can be pre-ordered from NewCon Press’s site. And if that wasn’t enough and you really want to treat yourself, there will be a special slipcased edition of all four novellas featuring the entirety of Chris Moore’s splendid artwork incorporating all of the covers.

How exciting is that?!

I just got the hardbacks in for signing, and they are absolutely beautiful. So. once again, I owe a huge thanks to NewCon Press for the amazing work they do.c3qvuqzwmaacavf

2 thoughts on “Introducing…The Memoirist

  1. So… you’re saying that you’ve written an episode of Black Mirror?

    *insert picture of smug guy with top hat and bow tie here*

    (just kidding. Adding this to my reading list 😉

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