Worldcon schedule

Flying out on Tuesday morning to the wonderful city of Helsinki, this years host of Worldcon, the world science fiction convention. I really couldn’t be more excited. Finland a country about which I’ve harboured a serious curiosity for years now and I can’t wait to finally get over there and spend some time enjoying their cuisine, their culture and their company.

If you’re going to Worlcon and want to find me, I’m doing a few programmy things. As always feel free to say hi. Here’s my schedule:

Thursday 10th, 10am: “In Defense of the Unlikable Heroine” 
Taking part in a panel discussion about seriously unsympathetic female characters.

Friday 11th, 11am: “Juried Versus Voted Awards”
Moderating a discussion of the merits of the various methodologies that go into determining who wins our many genre awards.

Saturday 12th, 3pm: Signing
I really don’t imagine there will be many people in far off Helsinki with things they want me to sign, so I’m also prepare to sing or singe on request.

That’s the official stuff. The rest of the time I’ll either be dipping my toes into the absolutely boggling selection of discussions, talks, academic presentations, musical events and films on offer…or I’ll be in some sort of coffee shop or bar nattering to friends.

So you there, or somewhere else.





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