Imposter Syndrome

51vyqcqly5l-_sx311_bo1204203200_I have a story forthcoming in an excellent new anthology of horror stories called Imposter Syndrome. Editors James Everington and Dan Howarth have ask the cream of the current British horror writing scene (and also me) for stories of eerie doppelgangers and doubles, clones and imposters, and I’m delighted to be sharing book space with some of my current favourites (especially Georgina Bruce, Laura Mauro and Timothy J Jarvis).

My story, The Insider, is a satisfyingly odd piece, treading writing territory I’ve not ventured into since the days of The Third Alternative, so I’ll be interested to hear what people think. I know it kept the editors up at night (but that might have been the smattering of Doric peppered through the dialogue).

Actually, The Insider, is looking like being my only new short story in 2017, so it’s something of a collector’s item.

Imposter Syndrome will officially be published by Dark Minds Press at the Sledge Lit event in November, but those not attending can preorder it in paperback or kindle flavours now.

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