Memoirist price crash!


Hey, folks. For one week only you can get a copy of my near-future SF surveillance state novella, The Memoirist, for absolute buttons because Newcon Press are having an Amazon price crash on selected titles from their novella range.

On Saturday, October 13th, the price will crash to £0.99 (UK) / $0.99 (US), but you’ve only got a few days to take advantage because in the middle of the week it’ll rise to £1.99/$1.99 (and then rise again to $2.99 in the States) before returning to full price on Friday the 19th.

If you’ve already read The Memoirist, don’t worry because the other titles on sale are all great too. Fans of the supernatural and horror will love Alison Littlewood’s amazing, award-nominated Cottingley, Sarah Lotz’s Body In The Woods, Jay Caselberg’s The Wind and Simon Clark’s Holmesian tale, The Case Of The Bedevilled Poet. And for fans of science fiction, you have to get hold of Anne Charnock’s award-winning The Enclave.

Get in quick.



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