Talking speculatively

One area of the book world that I’ve not spent enough time investigating is the burgeoning microcosm we call podcasts. The reason for this is pretty simple, I don’t get a lot of dedicated time to listen to things and what I do have is given over to music or audio books. Which is frustrating, especially as recently I’ve been hearing increasingly exciting things about the medium so I was hoping to get the chance to dip my toe at the earliest opportunity. And lo and behold, such an opportunity magically poofed into existence when author E.M. Faulds (Twitter @BethKesh) announced she was going to start a new podcast called Speculative Spaces and invited me over to get involved.cropped-logo

Longstoryshort, it was scads of fun. There was beer. There was tea. We chatted about my books and stories and about genre writing in general, I got to read one of my favourite shorts (“The Gubbins”) and we played Werewolf vs Shark. What’s not to love? We even reconvened so that we could get a little more chat in the can for bonus material for the site’s subscribers.

Speculative Spaces has started “local” by interviewing Scottish-based writers like Hal Duncan, Cat Hellisen and the James White award-winning Stewart Horn. All of the chats have been ace so far and I hear they’re looking to branch out by taking their recording gear around the convention circuit this year.

So, if podcasts are your bag, hit it up. Even if it’s just to hear my completely reasonable response to the age old question: Who would win in a fight, Darth Vader or Rincewind?

ps and if you enjoy Speculative Spaces, don’t forget to drop them a wee donation.



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