Eastercon 2019: Bringing out the new

Gosh, this one came around fast didn’t it? It’s time for Eastercon again and, as always, I’m looking forward to four days of chatting about all things science fictiony with some of my favourite people.

There’s a hugely diverse and exciting programme of things to do and I’ll undoubtedly be doing quite a few of them, but if you want to catch me for a chat over a cuppa let’s do that. I’ll be around all weekend but if you can’t find me, ping me on social media and we’ll hook up.

Alternatively, if you fancy a bit of entertainment, I’m going to be giving a reading in the Bleriot room at 11.30 on the Monday morning. I’ve not decided what to read but, after a quiet 2018, I’ve got loads of new things coming up and I really want to share them.

Sooo…I could go a section of Queen of Clouds I’ve not read before or it could be a slice of the novel I’m working on right now. Or maybe it’ll be a chunk of The Packet, my new science fiction novella slated to come out later this year. Or (and this is currently the front runner but all could change in the next week) it might even be my science fiction fairy story, The Raveller’s Tale, which is due to be published in a fantastic new anthology called Once Upon A Parsec in the summer.

So many options, it’s going to be tough to choose.

The only way you’ll find out what I end up going for is if you come along.

See you there?

3 thoughts on “Eastercon 2019: Bringing out the new

    1. Excellent! I look forward to seeing them. I always enjoy a tour around the art show. Be sure and say hi if you see me.

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