GSFWC charity anthology

The venerable Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle has assembled an anthology of short stories to raise funds to support charities helping those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The charities include:

Edited by EM Faulds and featuring art by the astonishingly talented Jenni Coutts, Flotation Device includes stories by some writers you might have heard of, such as Hal Duncan, Shona Kinsella, Ruth EJ Booth and Cameron Johnston, and contains a mixture of original and reprinted work. My own contribution, Rare As A Harpy’s Tear, was originally published in NewCon Press’s 10th anniversary anthology, Now We Are Ten, and has never been reprinted before now. Now We Are Ten is a stunning anthology and I recommend you checking it out, but I’m also delighted to give you the chance to read the story and help folks out that really need it right now.

But there’s another reason I think you should buy this book, and that’s because it features work by some excellent upcoming writers whose names you might not know yet – for some of them this marks their first publication – but are certain to hear more about in the near future.

So, if you fancy a heady mix of fantastical tales from some old hands and some really exciting new voices get yourself a copy.

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