New Album Friday

OK, I decided that the Friday mp3 A-Z selector was a nice experiment but was going to get old quickly, but I like bigging up music, especially if it doesn’t involve expressing an informed opinion (long time readers will know how I feel about music journalism). So watch in amazement as I tread the tightrope […]

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Blog etiquette

I’m wondering if there is some unwritten rule in blog etiquette that readers don’t point out really ridiculous typos to the author? Sort of like pointing out when your boss has tomato soup on his tie or the convention speaker’s flies are down. Everyone just gets a little bit embarrassed and looks the other way. […]

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New Wexler

One writer who never seems to publish enough is Robert Freeman Wexler. His subtley side-swiped realities never fail to entertain. Well, now, hot on the heels of his excellent collection Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed, we can look forward to a surfeit of new Wexler in the near future. Not only have PS […]

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