New Album Friday

OK, I decided that the Friday mp3 A-Z selector was a nice experiment but was going to get old quickly, but I like bigging up music, especially if it doesn’t involve expressing an informed opinion (long time readers will know how I feel about music journalism). So watch in amazement as I tread the tightrope of hypocrisy and venture into new territory: New Album Friday.

I like new music, I listen to a lot of it and I even buy it occasionally. So for the next few weeks I’m going to buy a new album on a Friday lunchtime trip to Avalanche or FOPP, listen to it to accompany the afternoon drudge and blog (first impression, no analysis, or journo-wank) about it before hometime.

Bought two new CDs today:

Hey Everyone by Danananackroyd and Flick The V’s by King Creosote.

At the moment it’s up in the air. Tune back later.

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