Holiday movies 2013

So, last time we stayed up at Lake Of Menteith we spent our evenings catching up on many of the movies in our DVD collection that we’d never got round to watching. This year we did it again.  The rules demand us sitting down and paying proper attention to the films in question, so no […]

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Location, location

The last 18 months or so has seen a bunch of film crews dotting around Glasgow making a movies. A combination of our grid-patterned Victorian-era city centre and tax and other financial incentives apparently makes it viable to shoot here. Add a bit of USian signage and other set dressing at the shoot and a […]

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Conventional Happiness

Becoming really impressed with the organisation of this year’s Eastercon to be honest, and that’s before it even happens. Not only have they released a smart phone app that allows you to keep track of everything that’s going (and even reminds you about programme items you really wanted to see if you ask it nicely), […]

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Holiday Movie Challenge

Me and the bidie-in, we’re rubbish movie watchers. We’ve got this huge stack of DVDs by the TV at home and many of them have never made it out of their cellophane. Why? Well we’ve got very poor at setting aside the time to actually sit down and pay attention to something the length of […]

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Sights and Sounds

Looking forward to this weekend’s Sounds Film Festival. Especially the Woody Guthrie biopic, Bound For Glory, and the opening night’s Ballads Of The Book film which will be followed by live music, including the most excellent Zoey van Goey.

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Random Access Memory Forever

It used to be that when you had one of those moments of memory where something from your childhood bobs to the surface of the mental rummage pile you’d perhaps have to resign yourself to the fact that it would most likely only be glimpse,  you’d never get to experience it again. Of course the […]

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Caught by The Wibberleys

Yes, I know it sounds like something that would happen to Baldrick in Blackadder, but it actually happened to me. Just yesterday evening. And I loved it. Last night was a GSFWC night, and as I’d a/ a couple of hours to fill and b/ written my requisite 500 words for the day I decided […]

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Golden Oldies

In my teens I watched a lot of bad movies. It was the early eighties, and our family had just got our first VCR. It was a betamax, but in those days video shops stocked movies in three flavours – VHS, Beta, V2000 – so we weren’t stuck for dodgy old horror movies or low-low-budget […]

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