Sights and Sounds

Looking forward to this weekend’s Sounds Film Festival. Especially the Woody Guthrie biopic, Bound For Glory, and the opening night’s Ballads Of The Book film which will be followed by live music, including the most excellent Zoey van Goey.

One thought on “Sights and Sounds

  1. And I was right, y’know. It was a wee belter of a weekend. Didn’t get to see the Guthrie movie, but made up for it on Sunday with the unlikely triple bill of That’ll Be The Day (in which David Essex sounds like Joe Pasquale, I swear), The Harder They Come (which I really wish had had subtitles) and Quadrophenia (in which Sting dances like a fool).

    The Friday night was great too. The feature length version of Ballads Of The Book was totally engrossing, and both Stevie Reverb (and friends) and Zoey Van Goey hit just the right musical note for the evening.

    Well done to Mr Francis Lopez and his chums for making it happen.

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