Other Worlds Other Dimensions

I’ve been asked by the Scottish Writers Centre to take part in a discussion event at the CCA next week entitled: Other World Other Dimensions. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal. Do they have a place in Literature? I have to admit that I find that last part a little provocative–I wonder if the panel will agree on […]

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Sights and Sounds

Looking forward to this weekend’s Sounds Film Festival. Especially the Woody Guthrie biopic, Bound For Glory, and the opening night’s Ballads Of The Book film which will be followed by live music, including the most excellent Zoey van Goey.

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Weather and Culture

So it was one of those weekends where the summer seemed to have been condensed down into two days. The sun shone overtime, its light intensified to hot flowing honey with just enough breeze to take the edge off, and keep everyone the right side of happy. And, occasioned by visiting dignitaries, we went out […]

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I asked a friend the other week: “How would you feel if you were told your team would win a major European trophy, but that they’d be remembered – even despised – throughout the continent as the most negative team ever to do so, your name synonymous with defensiveness for a generation or more to […]

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Diversionary Tactics(1)

In order to stop me from going quite mad with worry and over-speculation in the coming days, I’ve decided to employ a series of diversionary tactics, which I’m then going to relate to you lot to further distance my thoughts from the subject during the day time. Last night’s effort, coinciding with it being the […]

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Coming Down The Road

I’ve got an earworm. You know, a tune that keeps popping into your head and won’t go away? This one, it’s the one that goes “We’ll be coming, we’ll be coming, we’ll be coming down the road…” Aye, coming down the road. Five days to go, and the tension’s already getting to me. By Friday […]

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See amateur historians?

They don’t half come up with some odd notions. Maybe it’s the persuasive power of the way a character like Merlin is portrayed in the fantasy tradition, but Merlin as an auld geezer stoatin around Partick. It just doesn’t compute, y’know?

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Injuns, Honest

One of the joys of being into music and living in a town like Glasgow is that it’s perfectly possible to have a new favourite band on almost a weekly basis. For me, my New Favourite Bands Of The Week have recently included: The Yellow Bentines (at Maggie May’s) The Decemberists (played on Pulse FM […]

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Done, and Done

I don’t really talk about the writing and such very often on here, but sometimes it’s worth noting certain milestones. So, I finished the novel. And I think…cautiously…that it’s okay. The interesting thing is the routine I managed to settle into in order to get the last of it done. I’d wake up, get out […]

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