See amateur historians?

They don’t half come up with some odd notions.

Maybe it’s the persuasive power of the way a character like Merlin is portrayed in the fantasy tradition, but Merlin as an auld geezer stoatin around Partick. It just doesn’t compute, y’know?

2 thoughts on “See amateur historians?

  1. Wasn’t that the conclusion that Nikolai Tolstoy drew in his ‘Quest for Merlin’ (I might have the title wrong) book about 20 years ago..?

  2. Don’t know nothing ’bout your books and your learnin’ Mr Ariel, sir, but to a local it just doesn’t feel right…

    …unless Merlin, having never died, just sort of faded out of the picture, is the real name of the ageless and mercurial figure we know as “Billy Connolly”?

    That, I could believe.

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