Injuns, Honest

One of the joys of being into music and living in a town like Glasgow is that it’s perfectly possible to have a new favourite band on almost a weekly basis.

For me, my New Favourite Bands Of The Week have recently included:

The Yellow Bentines (at Maggie May’s)

The Decemberists (played on Pulse FM immediately preceding our session)

Maxi Geil! And Playcolt (at Club Tromolo)

The Twisted Melons (on the same bill as us at Maggie May’s)

And the latest in this somewhat eclectic array of musical talent is the absolutely superb Injuns. Originally from Skye, this lot have been around Glasgow for a wee while now, but it’s one thing hearing good things about a band and quite another bothering your arse to get out and see them play. There’s a certain inertia about getting folk out of the house on a Wednesday night (what is it? Cash? Schoolnight inhibitions? Heroes on BBC2?) . Me, I love getting out to see new bands. They might not all be great, and there’ll be the occasional stinker that will at least make an amusing story to regale your friends with down the pub, but there’s plenty to get excited about too. There’s nothing like watching a band you know naff all about taking the stage, picking up their guitars and getting your toes tapping by the end of the first song, getting you singing along to songs whose lyrics you can’t possibly know by the end of the third, and get you biting their hand off for a CD at the end of their set. And not being disappointed when you stick in on the next day. Indeed, with each listen through, enjoying it more.

How often does that happen? For me, lately, more often than you might think, given the sheer quantity of bands and venues in Glasgow these days. And that’s partly due to the sterling efforts of Mr Nick and his team who put on Square Go! at Maggie May’s down in Trongate – which indeed was where Injuns were plying their energetic trade in the company of three other handy acts the other night. Maybe it’s just that my varied tastes match pretty well with their’s, I don’t know (there’s certainly been a better than average hit rate of sounds to make me go ooh!), but so far the only thing that has disappointed me at one of their nights, has been that no-one else seems have found out about them yet.

If you’re reading this, you have no excuse. The Rohypsters are on next week. If you don’t know them, that’s the perfect opportunity to discover them, then isn’t it?
See you there.

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