Shriek (If ya wanna go faster)

Fans of Jeff Vandermeer’s astonishing 2006 novel “Shriek: An Afterword” (out now in paperback in the UK) will know all about the city of Ambergris and its facility for spilling/creeping/oozing out of the confining pages of mere books and into other media. In probably its most audacious attempt yet to cross-infect humanity there now exists a short film of the story of absent historian Duncan Shriek, his relationship with his odd-ball sister Janice, and his fatal fascination with fungus.

A city at war with itself. A night beyond imagining. And… aftermath. A
short indie film about memory and transformation by Finnish director J.T.
Lindroos, from a screenplay by Jeff VanderMeer, with an original soundtrack
by the legendary art-rock band The Church. The film opens with Shriek typing
up her memoirs from the backroom of a bar. Influenced by early surrealist
films. Set in Jeff VanderMeer’s fantastical city of Ambergris.

Voice cast includes Kathleen Martin as Janice Shriek and Steve Kilbey & Tim
Powles from The Church. With character images by Elizabeth Hand and Rick
Wallace, and art by Scott Eagle, Steve Kilbey, and others.

Links to both high and low res versions at the Shriek site.

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