Other Worlds Other Dimensions

I’ve been asked by the Scottish Writers Centre to take part in a discussion event at the CCA next week entitled: Other World Other Dimensions. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal. Do they have a place in Literature?

I have to admit that I find that last part a little provocative–I wonder if the panel will agree on a definition of literature let alone anything else–but it all makes for good discussion, doesn’t it? And I never get tired of talking of my passion for the imaginative genres. I’m looking forward to taking part. The event will be chaired by the very excellent Douglas Thompson, and the other panellists include: graphic novelist Gordon Robertson, writers Kirsty Logan and Roy Gill, and John Birch of the National Library of Scotland, organiser of the recent ‘World out of Mind’ exhibition.

It’s on May 24th at 7pm. Do join us.

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